Clay and I have spent quite a few weekends traveling lately, and I am getting really excited about the few weekends ahead where we get to stay close to home.  This last weekend we headed down to Asheville, NC where his sister and her husband were in town visiting and had rented a house.  Clay's parents also came down.  It was a short trip but I was very glad to see Asheville, what a cool town!  We went to a farmers market Saturday morning (it was spitting snow!) and got some unpasteurized apple cider.  Yum! So excited to drink it.  Clay also got some lamb sausage which he is quite excited about.  We also visited a bike shop, the outdoor store, and went for a run on the Mountains to Sea Trail.  Here is a picture I took from my run.
I had a nice run by myself.  Clay ran with Jimmy and Kara ran with their parents.  It was a great to visit with them though it was a short trip. 

Last weekend we went down to the Amish close to where Clay's grandma lives, and bought a bushel of apples.  I love homemade applesauce so I figured I would make some.  I also like to use applesauce in my baking.  I needed to get a new foodmill since the one I have seems to drip a black liquid in the sauce..ewww.  We ordered one on amazon and it just came today, so I will make lots of applesauce this weekend.  I may also try making some apple pie filing and freezing it.  Clay and I are always the ones in charge of making desserts for the holidays with his family.

My running is coming along nicely, today I ran the fastest I ever have a a short 4+ mile trail near the house that we run most weekdays.  Clay was pretty excited for me :).  I am thinking about Promised Land 50k this spring, which is a tough one, but I think I will be up for the challenge.  I definitely don't want my first 50k to be easy and flat!  Just hope that my feel and IT band stay healthy!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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  1. You guys have been busy! Asheville is a very cool town. I just wish it was in WV instead of NC - I would want to live there for sure.

    Still on the fence about Lookout Mtn. I'm leaning heavily toward giving it a go though - so hope to see you two in December in Chattanooga.